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Even more dangerous than the thunderstorm itself is one of its by-productslightning. While the sound of rolling thunder is the bark of a thunderstorm, lightning is its powerful bite, generated by the differences in electrical charges within storm clouds. As water and ice crystals collide with one another, static electricity is built up. Positive electrical charges gravitate to the cloud tops while negative charges move to the cloud bottom. When the difference between the charged particles is great enough, energy is released as a lightning stroke that begins to zigzag downward in a stepped leader form (1). As the negatively charged leader stroke continues downward it begins to draw up a streamer of positively charged particles (2). As the leader and streamer close distances, a powerful electric current is established (3). When contact is made, a powerful stroke of positive electrical energy travels upward (4) at extreme speeds of around 60,000 miles per second to make the lightning bolt that we see. The tremendous energy of a lightning bolt causes the air within its vicinity to rapidly heat up to over 50,000° F. It is this incredible heating process that causes the sound of thunder. Because of the immense electrical energy and heat generated by lightning, it can cause massive destruction upon striking solid objects.

Lightning Drawing

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Source:  Bruce LaFontaine &
Dover Publications

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