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Sand Play! Super SANDsational Ideas,
by Terry Taylor

Sand Play bookcover - click on picture to enlarge
Sculpting sand is fun for kids of all ages — especially because the magical, mess-free material is easy to handle and can be used over and over again. This book features guidelines for using sculpting sand to create cute little creatures, including a crab, lizard, caterpillar, and monkey. Author Terry Taylor provides simple instructions and lots of colorful pictures for more than 18 projects, as well as plenty of helpful tips, including suggestions for tools and techniques. Projects with one star are the easiest and ideal for beginners. Two-star projects are a little more complex, and the ones with three stars are the most advanced. Kids can build their sculpting expertise with simpler figures such as the clown, octopus, and butterfly and then move on to the frog, dragon, and peacock. Meanwhile, they'll develop skills that will help them express their personal creativity. Grade level 2 - 6 (ages 7 - 11), Page Count 48, 8 1/4 x 11, ISBN 0486794792.

--Review Source: Dover Publications

Integrated Landscaping: Following Nature's Lead,
by Lauren Chase-Rowell, Mary Tebo Davis, Katherine Hartnett, Marilyn Wyzga

'Integrated Landscaping' bookcover - click on picture to enlarge
Most landscape manuals describe a linear sequence of processes: design, plant selection, installation, and ongoing maintenance. Integrated Landscaping is different. It uses natural ecosystems as models, taking a nonlinear, holistic approach that addresses these processes simultaneously. Integrated Landscaping treats each site as a system of plant and animal communities, considering their interrelationships with each other and their environment. Integrated Landscaping: Following Nature's Lead is a valuable resource for anyone concerned with helping to shape the landscape we all share. When we see ourselves as part of the whole, we can see that what we do in places where we live, work, and play has a ripple effect far beyond the space each of us calls "home." 176 pages, 8.4 x 0.5 x 9 inches, 2012, ISBN 1611682789.

--Review Source: American Nurseryman

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